What’s That? A New Pep in your Step?


Ya feel that?

An extra spark in your style? A new energy in your day? New inspiration, a sudden urge to do something, to MOVE?

Practically everything has been in Pisces lately (or all the personal planets, anyway – except for The Moon – plus Neptune).

And last week, BOOM. Mars crossed The World Point and came home to Aries, that fiery space in the sky, the first sign of the Zodiac.

One by one, the personal planets have been following suit, leaving dreamy Pisces and entering action-oriented Aries.

No wonder I got all excited.

I love Pisces. But having all the planets there is like living in a fog. It’s beautiful – if you’ve got nothing to DO.

Then, there’s Mercury. Mercury HATES Pisces. And he was retrograde there, too. Ugh.

But Mercury has been direct for some time, and yesterday Spring began when The Sun entered Aries (a perfect fit), and Venus just left Pisces for Aries in the past 30 minutes.

So… If you’ve been wondering where all the zest went, and thinking to yourself, “why am I watching sad/dreamy/romantic/tearjerking movies instead of going to the gym?” then it may be time to break out the running shoes.

Personally, I felt the change as soon as Mars came home.

Time for some new beginnings, it seems.



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